Uncannily Similar Series

Uncannily Similar Series

A collection of interesting series that are suspiciously similar to each other

Today there are a huge number of television projects, and sometimes they repeat each other in small details or in whole fragments. We have collected 16 series that are somehow similar to each other. Perhaps you will wish to watch one of them, or maybe both, in order to evaluate the degree of “kinship” yourself!

We did not include series which will be similar, for example, because of their genre. For example, many comic book-based superhero shows contain many similarities, as do action films, love stories, or police and legal procedurals. Repetition in these cases is inevitable. The work of lawyers, as one example, always implies the defense of the client in court and the ensuing chase for the “real” guilty party. As such, we can eliminate such series in this collection.

Do you have any favorite (or, alternatively, despised) TV series that seemed unexpectedly similar to you? Be sure to write about it in the comments under the collection, so that with your help this list will become even richer and better!

Blindspot vs Absentia

Blindspot vs Absentia

The series "Blindspot" and "Absentia" are similar to each other in the main plot of the story; namely, the fate of the main character. Both action-packed thrillers focus on the girls found at the alleged crime scene. And both have no memories not only of what happened, but of their entire past!

Jane Doe of “Blindspot”, played by Jamie Alexander, discovers that her body is covered in tattoos that contain the keys to crime. Stana Katic played the role of FBI agent Emily Byrne in “Absentia”, and her heroine was kidnapped 6 years ago by a maniac, but she returned without having the slightest idea about her imprisonment.

Both series are worthy of not only attention, but also the most thorough viewing!

Absentia - Season 1 Official Trailer | Prime Video

American Horror Story: Murder House vs The Haunting Of Hill House

American Horror Story (Season 01: Murder House) - Trailer

The family moves to a new house with a rich history, in which horrible and deadly things begin to happen. A familiar trope of many horror movies, right? Rather stale  and often not of the highest quality. However, there are at least 2 series ready to dispel these stereotypes.

Season 1 of the FX anthology "American Horror Story" laid the foundation for this popularity, which has been going on for 9 seasons (and the next ones are just around the corner). It’s funny that Netflix’s recent “The Haunting of Hill House,” conceived as a sequel to the classic 1963 horror movie and the original Shirley Jackson novel, followed in the footsteps of its predecessor and also received season 2 as an anthology.

The relative brevity (for season 1) and the absolute terror of both series makes them “must-watches” not only for horror fans, but also for lovers of family dramas.

The Haunting of Hill House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twin Peaks vs Riverdale

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) Trailer

Fans of the cult hit “Twin Peaks” will probably be surprised at this connection, but the story of Laura Palmer’s murder had an obvious impact on the teenage hit “Riverdale” when you compare the series.

In a small town by the river known as Twin Peaks, the body of a popular girl is discovered, but, as it turns out, carries a lot of secrets. In Season 1, Riverdale presents the audience with a similar riddle: who killed Jason Blossom, a twin brother, a school favorite, and heir to a family business, whose body was caught in the local Sweetwater? “Riverdale”, like “Twin Peaks”, is a small town with many secrets, where everyone knows each other, and where secrets are buried.

Nevertheless, Riverdale, a screen version of the Archie comics, tries to adhere to a realistic framework. However, everyone who felt it lacked mysticism in the first seasons felt it in full in season 3, when the city was captured by the Gargoyle King , a forest monster who came to life straight from a Dungeons & Dragons game and drove the players crazy. And "Riverdale" stars one of the major actresses from "Twin Peaks": Madchen Amick.

Certainly, both series are not for everyone. But if you decide to try the mystery and complexity of Twin Peaks or the naivety and musicality of Riverdale, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the screens.

Supernatural vs Grimm

Supernatural Trailer

Mystical phenomena exist and heroes have to investigate them, inheriting the hunt for evil spirits as a family affair. Are we talking about “Supernatural” or “Grimm”? Take a guess! In fact, this description is suitable for both series.

“Supernatural” tells the story of the Winchesters brothers Sam and Dean, hunting for all kinds of evil spirits like ghosts, vampires, and demons, and “Grimm” focuses on Nick, a descendant of the famous Grimm Brothers of fairy tale lore, who swore to protect the living from certain creatures. Sam and Dean are the heirs to an order that combats evil, much like Nick’s inheritance of the Grimm name and mission.

By the way, the 15th season of "Supernatural" will be the last. An entire generation has grown up on this series; isn't it weird and exciting? The end of the era will begin on October 11th.

Grimm Series Finale Trailer (HD)

Hannibal vs Killing Eve

Hannibal - Season 1 Official Trailer

The unique relationship between the criminal and the detective, full of interdependence, complex feelings and deception, seems to be a very difficult topic to portray on a television show. However, the creators of these series are not afraid of either maniacs or killers.

In “Hannibal”, protagonist Will Graham works on a series of murders as a consultant who creates a psychological profile of maniacs, but he is helped by none other than the criminal himself, the titular cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter, hiding under the guise of a professional psychiatrist.

In “Killing Eve”, MI5 analyst Eve Polastri searches for the infamous killer Villanelle, who, in turn, tries to kill her pursuer, and as a result, the women become obsessed with each other.

An interesting fact: both series are based on books, and neither one downplays the homosexual tension between their major characters. While it is not the basis of their confrontation, this similarity is worth noting. It all looks amazing!

Killing Eve (BBC America) Trailers HD - Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer series

Humans vs Better Than Humans

Humans Trailer

The only thing that made the “Better Than Humans” collection stand out among others was its similarity to the familiar series “Humans”.

It should be noted that the Britsh "Humans" is a remake of the even earlier Swedish series "Real Humans". But the Russian version in every possible way rejects accusations of both re-shooting and plagiarism. According to the creators, the script is completely original and is not related to the first two shows.

Netflix bought the Russian series, and it was the first in the country to join the Netflix Originals banner. You can watch both “Humans” and “Better Than Humans” to form your own opinion about their mutual influence or differences.

Лучше, чем люди | Официальный трейлер | START

Once Upon a Time vs Tell Me a Story

Watch the Once Upon a Time Season 7 Trailer

“Once Upon a Time” is a fantasy series in which childhood stories come to life on the screen as part of our world. The main character, Emma Swan, never knew her parents, and therefore at one time could not accept the burden of parenthood. One day a boy appears on her doorstep, who not only tells her that she is his mother, but also claims that Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming from his fairy tale book. He asks her to go with him to his city of Storybrooke, where he lives with his adoptive mother, who, according to him, is the Evil Queen …

Last year’s “Tell me a Story”, a remake of the eponymous Spanish series, differs from its predecessor in that it intertwines multiple fairy tales into one story set in the real world. There is no magic and Evil Queens, only oppressive reality. In the 1st and so far only season, the creators provided an unusual look at Little Red Riding Hood, Three Piglets and Hansel and Gretel. The series has been extended for season 2 in an anthology format, where other tales will be explored. The main actors will also return in the sequel, but in new roles.

Both series are based on popular fairy tales, and therefore they are related by a common source. In addition, Michael Raymond-James starred in both series, and many of the actors in the “Tell Me a Story” come from other well-known youth series, such as Paul Wesley (“The Vampire Diaries”), Danielle Campbell (“The Ancients”), Eka Darville ( "Jessica Jones") and others.

Tell Me A Story - Official Trailer (2018)

End of F***ing World vs Wayne

THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD Official Trailer (2018) Netflix Comedy TV Show HD

Unexpectedly for everyone, the short and extravagant “End of F***ing World” became a real hit, and “Wayne” came out on YouTube.

Both series can be described as follows: 2 difficult teenagers run away from home to travel around the country and look for trouble. “The End of the F***ing World” is interesting in that the main character leaves with his girlfriend because he wants to kill her. “Wayne” begins with an aggressive guy and a rebel dreaming of escaping, but ends with love rather than war.

“The End of the F***ing World” is based on comics, and at first glance it looks like an arthouse, but “Wayne”, thanks to the “Deadpool” screenwriters, is even more reminiscent of a comics-based movie, largely due to the bloody scenes. Both shows can be recommended for viewing to everyone who loves strange series about strange people against the whole world.

Wayne trailer
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