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  • USA
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  • 12 October 2018
  • 8.0/10

The action of the series unfolds around a group of young people. Teenage girl Rachel Roth, possessed by an ominous dark entity, has long suffered from strange visions. Recently, she has been having a terrible dream where she sees a young boy from a family of circus acrobats, whose parents are dying before his eyes. A series of circumstances leads her to that boy as an adult, detective Dick Grayson. At that moment, she could not even imagine that the young detective who had taken her custody was none other than Robin, tired of the fact that no one takes him seriously. Constantly being in the shadow of Batman, Robin has long wanted to truly express himself, so he decided to leave his mentor and act independently. Soon, charming alien Koriand’r, known as Starfire, and the carefree merry fellow Gar Logan, who has the unique ability to transform into different animals, join our heroes.

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Batch number Series name Release date
Season 2, Episode 1 Episode #2.1 2019

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