"Titans": After a tragic death on site, shooting season 2 suspended

Titans: After a tragic death on site, shooting season 2 suspended

On the DC Universe series “Titans” set, a special effects expert died

He was not saved by superheroes. When creating the next season of "Titans" a man died.

Reportedly, the special effects team coordinator, Warren Appleby, died from being struck on the head by a heavy object while shooting. The incident occurred during rehearsals, when the stunt creators check the performance equipment for its use in the scene. This review before shooting is necessary not only for the actors, but for all the workers on the site.

The report says that while working out a stunt with a rolling car, something went fatally wrong. Mr. Appleby died on the way to the hospital in Toronto, where the filming takes place.

All shooting is suspended for several days. Warner Brothers Television Group expresses condolences to the relatives of the deceased and underlines his professionalism and more than 25 years of experience in such a difficult field. The Canadian authorities are investigating the working conditions to ensure they have not been violated and contributed to the cause of death.

If there are no violations identified, a break of 2-3 days without filming will not affect the release date of season 2. We will keep you posted.

In honor of the deceased,  a GoFundMe has been established to raise funds in support of his widow and 2 young sons. At the moment, it has collected more than $24,000. We hope that the number of caring people will continue to grow. We would also like to extend our condolences to Mr. Appleby’s family at this difficult time.

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