“The Witcher”: All About the Bard Dandelion Netflix

The Witcher: All About the Bard Buttercup on Netflix

Beloved hero Dandelion will be in season 1 of the Netflix’s “The Witcher”.

This year, “The Witcher” had a large panel at San Diego Comic-Con, as the series will premiere very soon. To entice viewers, lots of announcements and interesting details were revealed..

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich shared a lot with journalists, including some exclusives. Those interested in the fate of Geralt's best friend learned that he would really be on the show:

Yes, of course, he is 100% involved! It is interesting that we are constantly asked about him, for example, why we chose the original name. It's funny, because first I read books, and there he is Dandelion, and then I listened to audiobooks, where he is Buttercup. Dandelion, where would I get that?

The wandering Bard, known as Dandelion, will be known by his Polish name Jaskier, which translates literally as Buttercup, to the delight of some fans and the surprise of others. The reason that his nickname was translated into English as Dandelion was, apparently, that some considered buttercups too feminine in color, so now everyone can share the confusion.

The creator of the series was also asked why Buttercup was not used as a narrator, which would be convenient and logical considering his life as a bard. Schmidt also believes that such an approach would be interesting, but she does not think that the stories that need to be further explained in voice-over can be called good.

The role of Jaskier went to actor Joey Beti (“The Riot Club”); see photo above. Meanwhile, the exact release date of season 1 is set for December 20. Be sure to watch the trailer from Comic-Con here. We will continue to keep you updated on news and events!

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