The New Season of "Doctor Who" Will Be Scary

The New Season of Doctor Who Will Be Scary

Season 12 may be one of the scariest in the history of the series

The 11th season - and the first one in which the audience saw the Doctor performed by a woman, actress Jodie Whittaker - turned out to be very gloomy and full of topical issues. Most of all, watching the seventh episode entitled “Kerblam!” and the New Year special “Resolution” about the return of the Daleks made me nervous. And yet the calling the eleventh season scary is a bit of a stretch.

But that will change soon. The next season promises to tickle the nerves of even the most avid of horror lovers. We already know that Cybermen, a civilization of modified and warlike humanoids, will return to the series for the first time since Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor defeated them in 2017. In addition, it is reported that one of the central characters this time will be science fiction writer Mary Shelley, best known for the novel about Frankenstein.

Obviously, these two events are interrelated: according to the story, Mary Shelley will borrow the idea of ​​villains who forcibly create creatures assembled from parts of the human body after meeting with Cybermen. So it is quite likely that these terrifying scenes will appear on our screens.

It is worth noting that the series may also include real historical events that accompanied the writing of the novel “Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus”, for example the notorious events of 1816, known as the “year without summer” due to abnormal weather, during which the eccentric poet Lord Byron and his friends, including Mary Shelley, locked themselves in a gloomy mansion near Lake Geneva and invited their companions to write a story about the supernatural. This book is  traditionally associated with these events.

Also in the new season, the possible influence of the Cybermen on climate change on Earth may be explored as a reason for the anomalously cold and rainy summer of 1816.

A source close to the BBC also reported the British edition of The Mirror:

This new run is much scarier than Jodie’s first year and will ­definitely put the frighteners on fans. Things are about to get darker for the Doctor.

Viewers are waiting for major changes in the script, and the emphasis in the adventures of Doctor Who will move from the category of "exciting" to "frightening."

The approximate release date for the next season of "Doctor Who" is scheduled for 2020. 

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