The Flash

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  • 7 October 2014
  • 7.8/10

Barry Allen lost his mother as a child when she was killed in a bizarre and terrifying incident. His father was unjustly convicted of her murder. Barry's whole life has changed forever after the tragedy. Detective Joe West became the boy’s adoptive father.

Barry is an attractive forensic analyst at the Central City Police Department. He is determined to find out the truth about his mother’s death and is actively working on any dubious urban case.

As a scientist, Barry is passionate about the particle accelerator. The device, created at Star Labs by Harrison Wells and a team of scientists, was supposed to help achieve unimaginable discoveries in science. But an error during the launch led to a crushing explosion that claimed a lot of lives; one of the explosions also caught Allen.

The hero spent a little less than a year in a coma. He woke to discover that his life has changed once again. Due to the accident, he had the power of super-speed, which gave him the ability to move through the streets of Central City like an inconspicuous guardian angel. During the time he spent in a coma, missing persons, unexplained deaths, and suspicious events increased dramatically.

Barry has set a new goal: now with the help of speed he can protect the innocent. As he learns about his superpower, he will be able to find his mother’s killer and restore his father’s good name. Only a few of his comrades-in-arms know that it is Barry who is literally that very speedy person. But not for long; soon the whole world will know the whole truth.

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Release dates

Batch number Series name Release date
S6, Ep1 Into the Void 8 Oct. 2019
S6, Ep2 A Flash of the Lightning 15 Oct. 2019
S6, Ep3 Episode 3 22 Oct. 2019
S6, Ep4 Episode 4 29 Oct. 2019
S6, Ep5 Episode 5 5 Nov. 2019
S6, Ep6 Episode 6 12 Nov. 2019

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