“The Flash” Season 6 Release Date

The Flash Season 6 Release Date

When will season 6 of the series "The Flash" be released?

The Flash” is not considered one of the most popular series on DC comics for no reason; it has lasted on air for 5 seasons and boasts fan support and high ratings. We have collected everything that is known about the continuation of the series at the moment, and with the speed of Barry Allen will share with you only verified and fresh information!

What will happen in season 6

Team Flash is surely awaiting new exciting adventures. STAR Labs will face even more time travel and manipulations caused by Barry’s speed. This was confirmed by The CW on a press tour of the Association of Television Critics this winter.

It is already known that the main theme will be an anticipation of the events of the next crossover of all the Arrowverse series called “The Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Flash will try to stave off a crisis that promises global change in all DC shows on The CW, at great cost.

There is no doubt that the events of the crisis will seriously affect Barry. In the comics of that story, Flash dies. However, in the series, Barry is not the only speedster. No death will be as big a blow to the West-Allen family than the death of Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future named Nora, who had many secrets. Whose hearts will the writers break? We will find out when season 6 premieres.

The Flash Season 6 Release Date

Season 6 release date

Batch number Series name Release date
S6, Ep1 Into the Void 8 Oct. 2019

Fans of "The Flash" may not worry about the fate of their favorite series, because it has already been extended for next year by The CW along with 9 other shows,  including many superhero series! This great news was greeted with triumph by both fans and the creators of the series. CW President Mark Pedowitz said he considers “The Flash” one of the pillars of the channel.

The approximate release date is fall 2019. We will update the information as soon as more becomes known! In the meantime, you can find out what exactly the future crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” means for Arrow, Flash and Supergirl.

Updated March 13

In Season 6, “The Flash” will receive a new showrunner! He will be the executive producer Eric Wallace, who replaced Todd Helbing, who took this post in season 4. After the announcement of the closure of Arrow, Flash will become the flagship of the The CW’s superhero series , which means that the responsibility of the show’s creator will increase.

Did you rejoice when you read that the 6th season of Flash will take place? Share your impressions and expectations with us in the comments below, and don't miss the next episode on February 6th.

The Flash Season 6 Comic-Con Trailer (HD)

The Flash Season 6 Comic-Con Trailer (HD)
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