«Stranger Things»: How could a character who died in Episode 8 of Season 3 survive?

Stranger Things Sheriff Hopper

Could a hero who died in the Season 3 finale of the series «Stranger Things» survive?

Spoilers ahead!

Season 3 of Stranger Things from Netflix brought the audience a lot of surprises. Perhaps the main one was the shocking death of one of the central characters of the series. Fans simply cannot accept such dramatic changes in the lives of their favorite characters. There were many theories about how Hopper could have avoided death, because we never saw his body or the moment of death, and in the post-credits scene, many saw a saving reference. David Harbor, who plays the role of Hopper, also added fuel to the fire, refusing to confirm his absence in the upcoming 4th season.

We have collected the most popular hopes of fans for the return of Sheriff Hopper, supported by facts and speculation to share them with you!

He just ran away

After the death of Hopper, Joyce and Murray escape from the platform on which he was last seen, with the help of the most ordinary door. In addition, the base of the Russians, by a strange coincidence, is simply dotted with various hatches and ventilation passages. Could Hopper in those few seconds after Joyce’s farewell see the exit and use it? Of course, the police chief will not waste a minute.

But why did he not return to Joyce and Eleven? When we are shown the Byers’ relocation after a while, Hopper is still presumed dead, and therefore Eleven leaves with them. There may be several explanations for this. First, the proximity of the gate could somehow affect him, for example, to equip them with his supernormal abilities with which he cannot yet cope. Secondly, during the escape he could fall, hit his head and lose his memory. And one of the possible options does not exclude the participation of Russians ...

He was captured by the Russians and held in Kamchatka

In the scene after the credits, we saw a base in Kamchatka, on which at least one creature is being held like a demogorgon, feeding him the captives contained here. The guard’s comment that an American was in one of the cells attracted the attention of fans. Some believe that this may be a scientist who once experimented with Eleven, and this is how the Soviets learned about the Hawkins laboratory. Others believe that it was about Hopper, whom the Russians took with them, leaving the base under the shopping center.

He escaped to the wrong side

The gate was still ajar when we last saw Hopper. Fans hope that the brave sheriff sensibly reasoned that the choice between survival in a parallel world and instant death is obvious, and ran away there. Especially because Will was once able to get out of there, and also contacted his mother, who finally invited Hopper to date Joyce. So for dear people like him is not at all new, and Hopper could assume that everyone will understand and try to save him. Unfortunately, Eleven, Joyce and Will left Hawkins and will not be back soon. Will Hopper be able to survive on the wrong side until they return?

Everyone who burns from such an explosion, actually falls on the wrong side

The most fantastic version of events says that the explosion of the apparatus, opening the gates to that world, simply erases people from this world, transferring them to the wrong side, and not just destroying them. So far, no one can either confirm or deny this theory, even indirectly. But this option in any case would be more humane and desirable for all than the death of Hopper.

What do you think? Vote for your favorite version and post your theories about the survival (or death) of Jim Hopper in the comments below!

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