Peaky Blinders

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  • UK
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  • 12 September 2013
  • 8.8/10

Thomas “Tommy” Shelby is a young and intelligent guy, of whom his family has high expectations. His charisma and leadership capabilities allow him to break into the leadership of the "Peaky Blinders," so called for the blade sewn in their visors of their caps. His gang was engaged in robberies and gambling fraud. Tommy and his siblings were raised by Aunt Polly after their mother’s death. He and two of his brothers enlisted in the army during World War I. He returned a completely different person. Before the war, this young man was ready to conquer the world. Now he has taken over the gang from his brother Arthur. The only thing that he is haunted by his dreams, which are filled with memories of their war, where he dug tunnels to hunt down the Germans. After the war, he became more cruel, but he appreciates his family and acts according to its rules. Inspector Campbell is transferred to Birmingham due to the loss of a large consignment of weapons for which he was responsible. If he does not yet find the weapons, then he can say goodbye to the post. The Peaky Blinders gang are responsible for the theft. From now on, these characters have a tense relationship. The inspector is trying by all means to track down Thomas and find evidence of his dirty deeds. An even greater gap between them develops due to love for one girl. Grace worked as an undercover agent for the inspector and reported on Thomas until she fell in love with him. The inspector proposed to her, she refused, and Thomas learns of her betrayal. Who will win the confrontation in the show "Peaky  Blinders?»

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Batch number Series name Release date
S5, Ep1 Black Tuesday 25 Aug. 2019
S5, Ep2 Black Cats 1 Sep. 2019

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