"Lucifer" Season 5: Release Date and First Details

"Lucifer" Season 5: Release Date and First Details

When will "Lucifer" season 5 be released?

Season 4 of the incredible series “Lucifer” finally appeared on Netflix, which means that we all look forward to news of the sequel. We have collected everything that is currently known about “Lucifer” season 5, in order to share with you only timely and verified information!

The death and the miraculous rebirth of "Lucifer”

It's hard to believe now, but the show was cancelled by Fox last year. The studio responsible for the show and Fox network parted ways, so along with "Lucifer", several shows were left without a home. But fans were very dissatisfied with this state of affairs, especially because season 3 ended with a powerful cliffhanger, and they launched an active campaign with the #SaveLucifer hashtag. When it became clear that Fox was not going to return the series to its broadcast, the only hope left was that it would be picked up by another channel or streaming service. According to rumors, Amazon wanted to do this, but when Netflix announced that it would take “Lucifer” under its angel wing, fans were delighted and the actors were speechless.

Of course, the series’ stars thanked the fans for their active support, saying that without such a clear demonstration of the need for season 4, the negotiations would not have been so successful. It turned out that the shakeup was to their benefit, because now, without strict television censorship, it became possible to be more daring. There will be new characters; for example, the first woman on Earth, Eve, with whom Lucifer and Chloe will create a love triangle. In general, the long-awaited season 4, though it comes out much later than usual, promises to be one of the best in the series!

Season 5 release date

To date, there is no news about the extension of the series for the next season. Most likely, Netflix wishes to keep the mystery before the premiere of the acclaimed 4th season. Streaming services often announce the extension of their shows for the new season just before its premiere; this is common practice with Netflix as well.. It is now up to the audience and critics, and the future of Lucifer will depend on how they receive season 4. It is even possible finale will not include a cliffhanger, so that the show can end on this note in the event of an unexpected failure.

In any case, the approximate release date can be assumed to be in the spring of 2020, after a year in the production process.

However, there is another possibility that is highly undesirable for fans. Season 4 can be grand, but still the final season of the series. It is not hard to think of a show whose rescue campaign followed a similar path. But if Netflix opted only to adequately complete the plot, and not to leave it open, as happened after season 3, nothing could save "Lucifer" from destruction.

“Lucifer” is officially extended to Netflix for the 5th and last season! This was announced on the series page on Twitter along with the publication of the first promotional poster with the slogan "See you in hell":

We will continue to keep you abreast of developments! We invite you to share your impressions in the comments below, as well as leave a review on the series to help other users with a choice to watch!

Producer of the series "Lucifer" Ildi Modrovi said that in the final season of the series, there will be 10 episodes. The date of the premiere is still not set.

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