“Euphoria” Season 2: release date and first details

Euphoria Season 2: release date and first details

When will season 2 of the series "Euphoria" be released?

HBO’s summer novelty “Euphoria” starring Marvel’s “Spider-Man” actress Zendaya appeared on the screens and expectedly gathered a lot of rave reviews. Therefore, we hastened to collect everything that is currently known about season 2 of the series to share with you only high-quality and fresh information!

Should I watch the series "Euphoria"

This  remake of an Israeli mini-series is devoted to teenage themes, but the problems that the main characters face cannot be called childish. "Euphoria" reveals what is not customary to talk about, criticizing the present and the negatives of our society, without ignoring the pros. Dependency, sexuality, and anarchy are the bases of the lives of a group of teenagers, and the series is not shy about exposing each of these problems.

17-year-old drug addict Rue returns home after a stint in rehab, and, of course, goes to see her dealer. Is there a chance for her to be saved, and for those like her? This remains to be seen by the audience of the most controversial series of this summer.

Season 2 release

Fortunately for everyone, “Euphoria” has received an official extension for season 2 before the end of season 1. Of course, the exact date has not yet been announced, but it can be assumed that the continuation will appear to the delight of fans in the summer of 2020. We will inform you as soon as it becomes known for sure.

The next 5 episodes will be released on July 15th. Are you waiting for season 2, or do you think the mini-series format is more acceptable for “Euphoria”? Share your thoughts and expectations from the upcoming finale in the comments below!

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