“Doctor Who” Season 12 Release Date

“Doctor Who” Season 12 Release Date

When is the release date of season 12 of “Doctor Who”?

Very quickly, the 11th season of the iconic British TV series Doctor Who came to an end, along with an incredible 10 episodes!. We have collected everything that is currently known about the continuation, and we are giving you our psychic paper!

Cast and creators

Earlier there were rumors that the new showrunner of the series, Chris Chibnall, has some differences with the producers and may even leave the show after a single season. Of course, Jodie Whittaker, who played the Doctor, could also leave after her friend and mentor, with whom she had also worked on the popular TV series “Broadchurch”.

Fortunately, the fears were not justified! First Whittaker, and then Chibnall, stated that they were not yet ready to leave the series, in whose “reboot” they have invested so much labor and soul.

Thirteen’s companions will also appear next season in full force. We will continue to keep you informed and update information as soon as more is known!

Release date season 12

Officially the series will return to the screens no earlier than 2020. This news again reminds viewers of the Eleventh Doctor’s companion, Amy, “The Girl Who Waited.” And yet we do not despair, because there is a special holiday episode ahead!
The special will change the tradition, becoming not a Christmas event, but a New Year event. It will air on January 1, 2019. The trailer is already available:

Did you like the finale of the 11th season of "Doctor Who"? Which of the new heroes would you like to see again, and whom to forget, like a silver nightmare? Leave your comments under this article, and do not forget to write a review on the series to help other viewers!

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    20 july 2019, 00:32
    Hoping for some decent stories this season to let Jodie shine!