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  • 6 October 2019
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Not only men want to achieve justice. Reincarnating the people's avengers and protecting the poor and disadvantaged people, Kate Kane, inspired by the vivid example of her cousin, Batman, patrols the gloomy streets of Gotham in his absence, catching criminals and saving the lives of her citizens. Incredibly talented, rich, beautiful, and gay, Kate embarks on the superhero path, fighting lawlessness and inaction in Gotham.The heroine of the superhero series “Batwoman” was raised by her father, a military man, from whom she learned a lot. As a highly skilled fighter, she has high-tech gadgets and other weapons in her arsenal  to help her skillfully crack down on offenders. However, before becoming a true hero of the metropolis and taking on the crimefighter mantle, the girl in a bat costume will first have to defeat her own demons and deal with her life. Only after this will Batwoman be able to become the only hope of salvation for the residents of Gotham City.

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S1, Ep1 Pilot 6 Oct. 2019

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