American Horror Story

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  • 5 October 2011
  • 8.1/10

This American horror series differs in many ways from similar films in the same genre. Its main feature is that the voltage here is start to finish for each episode.
The Harmon family moves to Los Angeles, where they want to start a new life. They settle in an old house which outwardly looks great, since it was recently restored and updated. They do not know that the former inhabitants of the house have not found peace after their death.

The second season of the series tells another story which is no less interesting than the first one. The main heroine of the series is journalist Lana Winters. She decides to go to a psychiatric hospital to report a story about a maniac who cruelly dealt with his victims. If Lana only knew that the real maniac is still at large, and instead of him a completely different person is sitting in a mental hospital ... Moreover, the criminal has already chosen his next victim - the journalist herself.

The third season tells the story of the Salem witches. The action takes place 300 years after the Salem Witch Trials, when some of them were hanged and others were put in prison. Now the sorceresses are on the verge of extinction, and someone must save their clan.

The fourth season is based on the story of a circus freak show, in which people work with a variety of defects and anomalies. Among them are the bearded woman, a midget, Siamese twins and other characters. The circus may soon be closed, but the artists of the institution are not going to retire yet, so they will do everything possible to continue their careers.

The events of the fifth season take place in a large forgotten hotel in the central part of Los Angeles. This hotel hides many secrets in its walls.

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S9, Ep1 Camp Redwood 18 Sep. 2019

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