"13 Reasons Why" Season 3 Release Date and Details

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Release Date and Details

What happened in season 2 and when will season 3 of Netflix’s acclaimed teen series "13 Reasons Why" be released?

The premiere of the long-awaited season 2 13 Reasons Why on Netflix blew up the Internet! At the moment, the series has become the most discussed topic on the Web in 2018, and the rates are growing every second. Of course, such fame is not in vain.

There is a huge amount of speculation, fake news and other data about season 3, and we are in a hurry to clear up your doubts with 100% verified news. For everything that is currently known about the continuation of the "13 Reasons Why" and the ending of this season, read this article!

Beware, spoilers ahead!

Season 2 Finale explained

In the last series, the creators presented us with alternating states of catharsis and impatiently waiting for the end of a powerful cliffhanger. In the list of crazy theories about the series, we have already mentioned the possible fate of Clay and Tony at the beginning of the next season. But what exactly happened in episode 13?

Clay says goodbye to Hannah at a memorial service and organizes lunch at her favorite cafe. Hannah’s ghost will not bother him anymore. Hannah's mom announces that she is moving to New York, where her daughter always wanted to live. Clay's parents decide to adopt Justin so that he will not be sent to prison again.

Justin agrees, while keeping his secrets and not kicking his drug addiction. Bryce decides to stand back until he transfers to a private school.

All are in anticipation of the Spring Ball. Clay gets Tony a pass, Courtney comes with his girlfriend. Alex invites Jessica; they dance and kiss. Later in the evening, Jess finds Justin hiding from everyone in the locker room. She tries to comfort him, but she cannot resist the feelings and they have sex.

Photographer Tyler returned from the correctional program and was determined to start a new life controlling his anger instead of hiding it. But he went along with Bryce, who bullies the heroes throughout the 13 episodes. He is eventually attacked and raped by three other boys. The horrific scene of beating and violence shocked every single spectator; some even called it more brutal than Hannah’s rape or suicide. As a result, Tyler realizes that there is no one he can turn to for protection, and he does not want to upset his relatives. He pulls out a hidden arsenal of weapons and goes to the Spring Ball to punish the whole school at once. Here we are faced with a serious problem of school shootings.

However, Clay decides to help Tyler. After all, if the police see the guy, hung from head to toe with pistols and guns, he cannot live. And if the schoolboy survives after the shootout, he will be put behind bars - and all this is due to bullies, who avoid responsibility. Therefore, Clay convinces his friend not to shoot. Tony takes Tyler away from school, while Clay and the others stay on the stairs, arms in hand, hearing the approaching howl of sirens.

How will this situation be resolved? Will Tyler’s friends be able to protect him? Will Tony be caught while on probation? Will Clay have time to hide the evidence, including Tyler's car? These and other questions should be answered next season.

Season 3 release date

Contrary to numerous rumors, so far no official word has been received that a third season will take place at all. The star of the series, Kathryn Langford, told The Hollywood Reporter that she has no such information, but she will be very happy to return to the TV series where she has starred as Hannah. However, Langford  added that the story of Hannah is full, and her appearance in the future is a big question.

Thus, there is no data on the extension of “13 Reasons Why”. However, the cliffhanger in the finale suggests that the show runners have the desire and ability to keep working on the show. But, as the ancient wisdom says, “man supposes, Netflix disposes.” Everything will depend only on the streaming service and its investments.

The probability of extension is extremely high, because the series broke all records and twice became extremely successful. There is no cause for concern for fans, just a wait for confirmation. We will keep you updated on news!

What do you expect from season 3 of your favorite show? Be sure to share your theories in the comments and we will discuss them together!

The series received an official extension for season 3! Filming of 13 new episodes will begin this year, and the premiere will be held in 2019. On this occasion, the Netflix channel on YouTube released an announcement video that you can see above.

There were first details about the third season of the popular series. According to SFGate, filming for season 3 of “13 Reasons Why” began on August 12 and will continue until February 6, 2019. But the work on the show may be interrupted due to some personal reasons of singer Selena Gomez, who is working on the soundtrack for the series and is the executive producer of the show.

According to actress Ann Winters, who plays Chloe, abortion may be the main theme of season 3. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Winters said: “Pregnancy should be the leading theme. I do not know whether she will have an abortion or keep the child; that is up to the writers. I think it definitely needs to be discussed. ” Anyway, by the third season there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

There is also a small chance that in the new season, we will not see Zack Dempsey. Actor Ross Butler and singer Courtney Love were accused of plotting the attempted murder of Kurt Cobain's former son-in-law. The actor denies all charges..

According to rumors, season 3 will be released in October of this year. One of the supporting actors, Zach Prusak, wrote about this on his Twitter account, but later released a rebuttal, stating that this is his favorite month. Despite the fact that the information is similar to the truth, it is necessary to take into account that there has not yet been official confirmation. We will keep you informed!

Updated August 1

The last month of summer begins incredibly, because we have not only a full-fledged trailer for season 3, but an exact release date! The hearts of all whose summer vacation is ending will be doubly broken, because the new season will be released on August 23. The trailer is incredibly intriguing, revealing shocking and unexpected information about one of the characters.

13 Reasons Why: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
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